Jan 20 2010

Studio Wish List

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This comes under the heading of, hey, a girl can dream, can’t she — but then again, in this new, re-envisioning process I’m going through, that’s not only alright, its expected. On this page I’m envisioning the contents of the shelves in my studio and then working to make this vision a reality. Whenever, I get one of the books on the list, I’ll gray out the line.

Feel free to chime in on anything you think needs to be there and isn’t … yet.


My wish list of books that I’m planning on getting. Here’s how it works, whenever I can, I’ll include an ordering link as well as a link to the artist’s site.

General / Creative

  • Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson (Order Artist’s Site)
  • Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission to be the Artist You Truly Are by Danny Gregory (OrderArtist’s Site
  • Keys To Drawing with Imagination: Strategies and Exercises for Gaining Confidence and Enhancing Your Creativity by Bert Dodson (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • The War of Art: Break  Through Your Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles (OrderAuthor’s Site)
  • An Illustrated Life: Drawing Inspiration From the Private Sketchbooks of Artists, Illustrators and Designers by Danny Gregory (OrderArtist’s Site)


  • Mastering Composition: Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Painting by Ian Roberts (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Masterful Color: Vibrant Colored Pencil Paintings Layer by Layer by Arlene Steinberg (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Drawing Realistic Textures in Pencil by J.D. Hillberry (OrderArtist’s Site [the artist offers the book signed by the artist] )
  • Painting Light with Colored Pencil by Cecile Baird (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Color Pencil Portraits (Step by Step) by Anne Kullberg (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Capturing Soft Realism in Colored Pencil by Ann Kullberg (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • How to Draw Animals (Famous Artists School: Step by Step Method) (Order)
  • Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts:  Projects and Techniques (Order)
  • Exploring the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts: Volume II  (Order)
  • Exhibition 36: Mixed Media Demonstrations and Explorations  (Order)


  • Bridgman’s Complete Guide to Drawing from Life by George Bridgman (Order)
  • How to Draw the Human Figure: An Anatomical Approach by Louise Gordon (Order)
  • Constructive Anatomy (Dover Books on Art Instruction) by George B. Bridgman (Order)
  • The Artist’s Guide to Animal Anatomy by Gottfried Bammes (Order)
  • Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge (Order)


  • The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques: Fifth Edition, Reviewed and Updated, by Ralph Mayer (Order)

Pose Books (either with CD or on CD)

  • Art Models: Life Nudes for Drawing, Painting, or Sculpting (Order)
  • Art Models 2: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts (Order)
  • Art Models 3: Life Nude Photos for the Visual Arts (Order)
  • Female Figure Photo Reference PDF One by Matthew Archambault (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Female Figure Photo Reference PDF Three by Matthew Archambault (OrderArtist’s Site)
  • Hand Photo Reference II.PDF (Order Artist’s Site)


  • Prismacolor Premier Lightfast Pencils — Set of 132  (Order)
  • Colorless Blender – 5 (Order)
  • Colored Pencil Sharpeners – 2 (Order)
  • Colored Pencil Fixative – Workable (Order)
  • Colored Pencil Fixative – Finish (Order)
  • Stonehenge Drawing Paper (Order)
  • Arches Watercolor Panels (Order)
  • Storage Boxes (Order)

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