Jan 14 2010

Goal Planning

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To understand, you start with The Bucket List — its a great movie and its part of where this idea started for me. The idea that there are things I want to accomplish before my life ends. Seriously important to me because I’ve had this idea, this phobia, about being 90 years old, looking in the mirror, and realizing that I have wasted my life. So, since childhood, I’ve this built-in fear of not achieving what I need to achieve.

The next thing you need to look at is Zen Habits — the man’s my hero. There’s a lot there and worth bookmarking. In one of his articles, Leo Babauta talks about why creating new habits fail. I like the idea of making the change in gradual, more manageable steps, to ensure that the change will hold. For me, a big was is getting back to drawing every day. Rather than start there though I can break that down into easier pieces, such as:

  • carrying my sketchbook with me all the time
  • working on drawings while I’m watching television (I grew up doing everything in front of the television)
  • start taking drawing lessons
  • post some of my work (to be accountable to someone other than myself)

When you finish that, you need to look at the Day Zero Project — I like this better because doing this, I don’t have to go to the scary place (me dying anytime soon).  And in that marvelous way that synchronicity seems to work, I’ve been spending time lately thinking about what I’m doing and what I need to be doing. I see some value in the process of writing it all out, committing to my dreams rather than someone else’s (its a whole lot easier for me to give 110% toward helping achieve someone else’s dreams than doing the work myself).

Which brings me to an online art course I’m taking with a very wise instructor, Matt Archambault over at Drawing Tutorials Online, who also has a good idea for how to develop goals that will take you through a year.

My Conclusions

And that’s where I begin focusing on my own dreams, becoming my own white knight, rescuing my creative self from the doldrums in which I’ve left her. What I want to do is move toward a future where my dreams can come true. I do this by not only envisioning that future but also by laying out goals.

Say, I’ve always dreamed of being a movie star. Well, that’s not an achievable goal — but taking acting lessons could be.  So, the goals have to be achievable and there has to be some accountability, at least to myself.

I started by thinking about, dreaming of, the future that would make me happiest, and then worked on developing a list of goals that will bring me toward that future. I’m going to start leaving the negativity behind, in my coming posts, as I work on envisioning this future and bringing myself toward it, step by step.

Rather than give you the whole list, I’ll write accountability posts, maybe once a month, in which I talk about the goals that I’ve achieved in the past month and where my focus is going to be in the coming month.

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